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Social media networks are en vogue in this day and age. There are dozens of them and I can’t remember when it was the last time that I saw a website without links to Facebook & Co. For adding these links to your website you are certainly interested in using attractive social media icons that are a perfect fit for your design. It’s easy to find appropriate icons and there are so many beautiful icon sets that I can’t say which one is my favorite. To increase the variety I designed a set of social media icons which I give away for free. The set includes 42 icons with a size of 126x256px. The icons are saved as PNGs with transparency.

Free Social Media Icons designed by Apricum

You will find the download link at the end of this post. The beautiful font that I used in the preview image is named Grandam and you can find it here. Take care and don’t forget to comment. The rules are new: These Social Media Icons are designed by Apricum and they are free for personal and commercial use. Please do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without my permission.

December Mackedanz
Love this set, but by chance do you have an addition to this bottle social media collection to include Pinterest? Please advise.
Thank you for your lovely comment. If I find the time, I will add a pinterest bottle to this collection.
completely in love with this set! Only thing missing is Pinterest!
Simplesmente amei, mais tenho uma duvida, isso são icones de por de figurinha pras pastas na area de trabalho certo? Mas não consigo. ME AJUDEM !
Thanks so much! I hope to use these for my blog.
Hi Juliana, if you want to use these social media icons as Windows (I don’t know the file types for LINUX or Mac OS) icons you have to change the file type from PNG to ico. Thank you for your lovely comment and greetings.
thanks! these are so cool.
Love these as well? Any chance of a Pinterest and Forrst icon?
Wonderful job, congratulations! I wish you success always ... Cheers..
Thanks, the icons are wonderful, I can put on my website?
Karin Persons
Thank you very much Apricum for these unique social media icons!
cheryl m
i've yet to open the file but the set looks gorgeous from what i see above! many thanks for sharing.
Love these, cant wait to use them, please let us know if you are adding a Pinterest icon.Thank you
Thanks, i've used it on my school magazine
Wonderful job! I just emailed you about using them in a blog post about the social media dilemma. Bravo.
Can i put it on the shirt?
@RAW Yes, you can.
Wow, thank you so much for making these available. They are stunning!
Alessandro Terranova
Very beautiful icons
So imaginative - I LOVE IT! Thanks a lot - and a big WOW!
Thanks a lot for making these beautiful icons
thank you very much for your talent and generosity! They are beautiful and very useful.
What a lovely set of icons...thanks for letting others use them for free!
They're awesome
aww, thanks dear thanks for share with us ur artwork
you are really dope.

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