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It’s freezing cold outside. That’s why I spend the evenings in front of my computer and design or program whatever comes into my head ;o) . For my latest project I designed some blue-white Photoshop Patterns which I want to share with you. You will find the download at the end of this post. The rules are as usual: These Free Photoshop Patterns are designed by Apricum and they are free for personal use. Please do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without my permission. Take care and don’t forget to comment.

Free Photoshop Patterns designed by Apricum

Lovely patterns. I've downloaded this. Thank you ver much.
I'm lovin' it. Thank you for sharing
Gorgeous!! Thank you!!
Hans Lee
Thanks for your resourcing.
Thanks for lovely patterns!
Thank you very much for the wonderful pattern.

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